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British Show Pony Society
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The New BSPS Area2A website hopes to keep you informed and fully up to date with all the events and activities from the Cheshire area.

For all the up to date news, on training days, young judges and social events please go to our Breaking News Page, and don't forget to vitis our Members Page and Gallery.

Our  press officer is Jessica Goodier her email is and a new BSPS Area2A group on don't forget to investigate, its a great way to keep Jessica up to date with all your gossip and results. Jessica is keen to keep in touch with you and all your achievements throughtout the season, so please send her all your news and results.

If you would like to Join Area 2A and would like more information, please contact any one of the Committee Members, who would be pleased to talk to you

So what more can be said, but please keep using this website, it is only as good as are members make it, have an amazing season.............

Good Luck from your Area 2A Committee

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